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Nightscapes, double exposure, cityscapes with cinematic vibe: trying to capture Hong Kong atmosphere through my lenses

Photo freelancer photographer Sergio Capuzzimati

It all started years ago in a sleepy coastal town in South Italy, but you know: life is a roller coaster of dreams and desires, so after years spent within its idleness, I've found myself in the overcrowded streets of Shanghai; it was there where I've found my holy grail: a digital camera.
Since then, I started a fantastic journey that brought me through the depths of South-East Asia, ending up in the surreal, Bladerunner-esque city of Hong Kong.

This city bombards you every day in a kaleidoscope of neon lights, traffic, cars, people, skyscrapers, noises, smells (most of them terrible!)...take these ingredients, blend them together, add a touch of gin, shake them firmly: you'll get a taste of my photography's recipe.

Double exposure, cityscapes, architecture, night photography and a neverending process of learning, improving and experimenting towards my vision of this crazy, yet breathtaking city, 


AXE COLOURS HK_Graffiti Art Studio

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